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Cities and neighborhoods we currently service in the Cebu City, Lapu Lapu, Moalboal, and the Province of Cebu.

Cebu Property Management does not currently have native mobile apps for renters or owners on iPhone or Android. However, we understand importance and are working hard to build a robust mobile platform for all residents and owners.

Communication is so vital in property management because it is the primary mechanism that resolves problems and accomplishes tasks. In facing numerous scenarios in which communication breaks down between renter-onerent-owner, our team is also very eager to improve and crack the code.

For Owners

We need a Certificate of Trust, sometimes called a Trust Certificate or Trust Certification.

A Certificate of Trust is the document that summarizes the trust. This document includes the name of the trust and who the trustees are which is paramount to the contract. 

To sign up as a property owner, you have a couple different options. You can either contact our Market Development team to learn more and get started with your account or sign up on our website.

If you have any questions after signing up, do not hesitate to call our Market Development team at 408-675-5490.

Leasing Only

For owners looking for solely leasing and tenant placement services, we offer a full-package leasing service. 


  • Rental comp report;
  • Marketing Photos*
  • Your listing blasted on 40+ sites;
  • On-demand self-tours;
  • Thorough tenant screening;
  • Lease preparation; and
  • Online Initial Payment collection and transfer via ACH. 

Cost: 50-75% of the first full month’s rent upon tenant placement.

Basic Management

For hands-off property owners, you can get our Basic Management Service; management, maintenance, and home improvements in one premium package. 


  • Month-to-month Contract;
  • Rental comp report;
  • Property walkthrough;
  • Marketing photos;
  • 3D Virtual Tours;
  • Your listing blasted on 40+ sites;
  • On-demand home tours (including guided tours and self-tours);
  • Thorough tenant screening;
  • Lease preparation;
  • Online Rent Collection and transfer; 


  • Eviction Coverage of up to $15,000**;
  • Rent Guarantee**;
  • Annual health and safety inspections; and
  • Tenant notices.

Cost: 40% of first month’s rent and 8% of rent monthly (minimum of $150/mo)

Exclusive Listing
We require that we exclusively list your property to avoid having your listings blocked. Listing sites usually block listings if two or more parties are trying to post the same listing on the same site. Plus, communicating with prospects is easier if all inquiries channeled in one source.  

Don’t worry. We’ll help invite prospects you know to apply.

Cebu Property Management has this same agreement with multiple owners and the owner should understand that we give equal representation to all our clients and their properties.

Our lease is tried and tested–we use the standard state lease and add the addenda specific to your property and situation. Our lease is extensive and transparent and we have used our expertise to craft a lease that protects you and your investment to the best ability.

We start with a standard lease template, typically from a local real estate association.

Our standard lease agreement starts with the agreed-upon standard provided by a local Real Estate Association where we hold membership. Then, we’ll be sure to include any required addenda that pertain to local ordinance, rules, and the agreed upon lease terms for your property.

For Renters

Searching for a rental property is a simple and intuitive process. You can view available properties by visiting the “Rental Listings” page. 

Your payment is due 24 hours after you and the owner sign the lease, as your lease serves as the legal contract at the point of signing.

Because Cebu Property Management represents the owner in all communication during the leasing process, we are unable to provide the owner’s contact information for any sort of lease or rent negotiation.

In the case that you move out before the lease expires, you will be responsible for paying the entire leases rent until the lease terminate or until we find a well qualified tenant replacement.

How to Contact Us

You can contact your support team by submitting a message or giving them a call at their direct phone line.

Customer Success can be contacted via:

  • Phone: +63 917 321 8994
  • Email: ansvillee31[at]

Still have A question?

Our dedicated team of experts is available 24/7 to take care of the daily tasks of running your property—from marketing your rental to screening tenants, collecting rent, and servicing maintenance requests.

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